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Complete software solution for lease administration & client rent accounting
of residential property units.

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Letman is web based software using cloud computing technology for agents involved in the Letting and Management of Residential Units.

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    Leases (tenancies) may be renewed, reviewed, amended and converted in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 2004.

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    Letman manages the client account in its entirety, showing you a balance sheet for the client account and real time information as to what money belongs to the Landlord, the Tenant, the Contractor or the Agency.

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    Add-on Features

    Letman can also be bundled with a web portal MYletman providing secure logins and information for Landlords and Tenants. Take a look at Letman’s add on features for more information.

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Why our customers love Letman

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    Client Accounting

    Dedicated client rent accounting software solution. No more spreadsheets or struggling with unsuitable accounting solutions.

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    Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing. No “IT Guy” required. No additional hardware. You just need an internet connection and you are ready to start using Letman.

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    No large one-off Payment

    No up front licence fee! Pay as you go on a monthly basis!

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    Quality of Service

    Quality of Service. You pay us month-to-month. This give us a continuous incentive to innovate and ensure quality of service.

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    Industry Knowledge

    We understand client accounting and leases. We will work with you in migrating from a dated legacy system or a manual system and work out a migration plan that best suits you.

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    Online Portal

    Online portal for landlords & tenants to securely view their rent accounts and access financial, leases and related documentation and reports (MyLetman).