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Letman produces a Tenancy Agreement and enables you to administer the tenancy within the 6 year cycle. Letman reports when the Notice of Rent Review may be generated and automatically applies the change of rent on foot of the notice produced. Letman will also report the expiry of the Fixed Term agreement and the Tenancy itself.

Maximum rent allowed for Properties within an RPZ are calculated with reference to the previous rent set.

Notices are produced for filing with the RTB.

Overdue rent reports, inspection reports available. Property export reports are available for the entire portfolio or on a landlord, rent receiver basis.

Full document storage facility at Landlord, Property, Tenant and Lease level.


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Letman manages the client account in its entirety, showing you a balance sheet for the client account and real time information as to what money belongs to the Landlord, the Tenant, the Contractor or the Agency.

Letman produces SEPA payment files for landlord and suppliers.

Letman is designed in full compliance with Statutory Instrument 199 of 2012, Property Services (Regulation) Act 2011 ( Client Moneys ) Regulations 2012. Producing a few simple reports at your year end and on licence renewal will satisfy all the audit requirements.

Add On Features

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Letman can also be bundled with a web portal MYletman providing secure logins and information for Landlords and Tenants. Once online, users can:

  • View rental account history.
  • Download statements for each rental period.
  • View and download landlord, property, tenant and lease related documents.
  • And much more...

MYletman is used in conjunction with letman and automatically updated on a daily basis.

MYletman can be personalised by the agent with their own branding and logos.

MYletman creates a secure account for each individual landlord and tenant. Landlords and Tenants are notified by email of any changes made to their account including statements and document uploads.

Only €0.60 per unit, per month . That is cheaper than the price of postage per month! View the Pricing Plan page for further details.

Contact us if you require any further information. We also provide free personal demos of MYletman.